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That red circle is us!

That red circle is us!


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"Who cares what we are? If you love something, you can be loved. That’s how it works."

Julie Gelineau from Extant
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Your Haunting

Oh. It’s you again,
circling about my head,
slipping into my thoughts
things that you have said.

And I try to push you out
to help myself heal,
but you keep coming back,
almost like you’re real.

Maybe I keep pulling you back
because I want to see you,
and maybe that’s why
you keep returning to view.

Like a ghost, a specter,
I see you flying about,
and maybe one day I’ll have
the courage to cast you out.

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I’m screaming for help,
but no one can seem to hear.
I’m sitting here weeping,
drowning in my own tears.

"Save me, save me!
I’m lost and I’m dying!”
All that they hear is
the sound of me crying.

I’m tearing myself apart
piece by bloody piece,
and the pain inside me
just can’t seem to cease.

"Help, I need help!
I can’t do this anymore!”
I’ve fallen and am lying
broken on the floor.

But the wails go unheard,
no one seems to care,
care that I’m breaking,
falling to despair.

I’m dying slowly inside
so here I’ll lay,
on the cold ground,
maybe I’ll fade away…

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Now that they increased the gif size…


Now that they increased the gif size…

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It’s been a long time coming
Such a long, long time
And I can’t stop running
Such a long, long time
Can you hear my heart beating?
Can you hear that sound?
‘Cause I can’t help thinking
And I won’t stop now"

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"Please let me escape tomorrow"

a 5-word story
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I heard they increased the gif size limit…

I heard they increased the gif size limit…

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Numb IV

I know how to numb myself.
I know how to dull my emotions,
strip myself of humanity,
prevent myself from feeling.

Usually by accident,
of course,
never on purpose.
But when I want to feel,
I can’t
because I already choose
to be numb.

And it tears me apart,
to know that I choose that path,
to know I cannot feel
because what I did.

But I can’t feel the tears,
not immediately.
I can see the damage,
the gash, the bleeding,
but I cannot feel the pain,

And when I slip back
into complete consciousness,
I can feel the consequences,
the mental tears,
the emotional damage
that I choose to cause,
that I made.

The paralyzing pain
and fear,
that I choose numbness again,
even though I don’t want to,
even though I fight against it,

I keep choosing numbness,
despite what it does to me.
I keep choosing it,
over and over again.

It’s an addiction.
I do not become numb
to avoid my pain.
I become numb
simply because that is what
I’ve done for years.

An addiction based on
An addiction that exists only
because it always has been there.
What could be more terrible than that?

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"Could you hear my heart breaking when you said goodbye?"

Midnight Thoughts
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If you are, that means you are currently stalking my Tumblrs.

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The Aftermath


It feels odd to experience a seemingly life-changing event and have life
     plod along as it always does.
When a major crisis happens and when it’s expected that life will shatter
     into pieces in a dazzling display of broken hopes and dreams and
     ideals and relationships and expectations,
And to have no extraordinary change, to have everything continue on as if
     normal, as if one’s entire life did not just hang on the precipice of
     complete chaos and ruin, and the final outcome could have very well
     been destruction,
It causes the strange sensation of feeling both extremely relieved and yet
     severely disappointed, because when a tragedy such as that happens,
     the least life could do is to make some sort of mention that yes, it did
It’s almost agonizing to have normalcy once again after that, as if the
     cumulation of everything terrible isn’t important enough to even get a
     two-word tribute on the bottom of the second-to-last page of the local
     newspaper of life.
That pain that comes afterwards masks the actual event, makes it seem
     more terrible than it was, because sometimes the aftermath is what
     defines the disaster,
And when the aftermath isn’t even mentioned or understood, and it
     seems like not a soul in the vast, gaping maws of space and time
It gets worse.

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Getting Over You

They tell me it takes time to get over someone,
like I could ever really, truly get over you,
as if I could ever forget how you make me feel,
how completely, utterly perfect you are.

They tell me it’s okay, that I’ll be okay,
but it’s so hard to believe them
when I spend every night thinking of you,
when your name has left a scar.

They try to convince me I’m moving on,
that I’ll eventually move on from you,
but no one knows what that means,
no one realizes how it seems so far.

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"What could tear the soul more than to mean nothing to the person who is your everything?"

Midnight thoughts
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